Best Peptides for Weight Loss

Best peptides for Weight Loss


Hey there, fellow weight-loss warrior! Are you tired of chasing fad diets and wondering why they never work? Well, I’m here to let you in on a little secret: diverse peptide therapy is where it’s at!

And don’t just take my word for it, did you know that a study published in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism found that individuals who used peptides for weight loss experienced an average of 14% reduction in body fat?

That’s a statistic that’ll make you want to throw out those kale chips and hop on the peptide train!

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Peptides? That sounds like a fancy word for a chemistry experiment.” But trust me, it’s not as intimidating as it sounds. Peptides are basically little protein building blocks that regulate hormones in our bodies. And while SARMs and steroids can carry some gnarly side effects, peptides are generally safe for human consumption if used correctly.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the top 5 magical peptides that can aid your weight loss journey and help you finally lose weight and shed those pesky pounds!

•             Best peptides for weight loss include Semaglutide, AOD 9604, CJC-1295 and Tesamorelin

•             These peptides generally work by either increasing growth hormone levels, inducing lipolysis, or inhibiting lipogenesis.

•             Semaglutide and AOD 9604 are FDA-approved peptides owing to their long-term safety profile and therapeutic benefits.


What are Peptides?

Peptides are small chains of amino acids and are considered the building blocks of proteins (1). They’re prioritized over long proteins due to their short structure and rapid absorption.


Compared to previous years, more research and human-based clinical trials are emerging, proving the efficacy and wide array of benefits from both natural and synthetic peptides.


Most of these peptides are used for muscle building, improved strength and endurance, and weight loss. Peptides are also used for sleep cycle regulation, cardiovascular benefits, and increasing bone density. Peptides also provide anti-inflammatory properties, which can cause rapid wound healing.

#1 Best Injectable Peptide for Weight Loss: Semaglutide


Semaglutide is a receptor agonist of Glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1), a hormone secreted by the intestinal epithelium. This, in turn, assists in the management and control of the glycemic profile of an individual.




Besides this, Semaglutide also regulates pancreatic hormones, thereby keeping blood sugar levels in check. Peptide decreases the local glucagon levels and reduces the conversion of glucagon to glucose.

In one of the clinical trials, Semaglutide resulted in a 15% body weight loss. This peptide helps in controlling appetite urges, reducing VLDL levels and triglycerides.

Semaglutide is an anti-obesity medication indicated in patients with Type II Diabetes mellitus and hypercholesterolemia. Surprisingly, it is one of the few peptides approved by the FDA due to its potent efficacy.

It is important to abide by the right amount of peptide dosage. For Semaglutide, 0.25-2.4 mg can be safely consumed. This peptide can be cycled for 6-8 weeks straight.

Best For:

•             Maintains Euglycemia

•             Suppresses appetite

•             FDA-approved anti-obesity medication (Can be prescribed)


#2 Peptide for Weight Loss: AOD 9604

AOD 9604 is a growth Hormone analog consisting of 15 amino acids (similar to growth hormone).

AOD 9604 is one of the few potent anti-obesity peptides due to its fat loss attributes.

Luckily, the mode of action followed by the peptide is quite simple to understand. This peptide targets fat-enriched areas of the body and promotes lipolysis alongside inhibiting lipogenesis.

This means your body breaks down excess fat, utilizes it for energy expenditure, and simultaneously inhibits fat synthesis. This results in a net loss of excessive fat from the body!

Nonetheless, AOD 9604 doesn’t cause any dysregulation in blood sugar levels. Like Semaglutide, AOD 9604 is also an FDA-approved drug.

However, with AOD 9604, you must take care of the correct dosage. It is advised to ingest no more than 0.25 to 1 mg of the Peptide. You can cycle AOD 9604 for 24 weeks for optimum results.

With this Peptide, you may experience slight uneasy side effects like headache, indigestion, and nausea.


Best For:

•             Promotes increased fat burning

•             Reduces the chances of hypercholesterolemia

•             FDA-approved (Can be prescribed)

#3 Peptide for Weight Loss: CJC 1295

This is a 30 amino acid containing peptide, analogous to growth hormone releasing hormone. With this, CJC 1295 stimulates the release of growth hormone from the anterior pituitary gland.

Being a growth hormone releasing hormone analog, this peptide targets adipocytes and raises fat metabolism. Besides this, it also increases lean muscle mass, better endurance, and regulates the sleep cycle. With its fat metabolism attribute, it can help increase fat burning.

Stacking CJC 1295 with Ipamorelin is recommended for improved and rapid results. Further, it is suggested to use Drug Affinity Complex (DAC) with CJC 1295 for a longer half-like of 6 to 10 days. You might experience slight side effects like mood swings and increased body temperature while cycling with CJC 1295.

Regarding the correct dose, it is advised to use 250 to 300 mcg per day. You can cycle CJC 1295 for 60 to 90 days, followed by a one-month off-cycle.


Best For:

•             Improves lean muscle mass

•             Stimulates fat oxidation

•             May improve sleep cycles


#4 Peptide for Weight Loss: Tesamorelin

Tesamorelin is a peptide that was originally developed to treat lipodystrophy, a condition where fat accumulates or wastes away in certain parts of the body, especially in people with HIV. The peptide has been shown to reduce the amount of visceral fat, which is the fat that surrounds the organs in the abdomen. The peptide works by mimicking the action of a natural hormone that stimulates the production and release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland. Growth hormone has various effects on the body, including increasing fat metabolism (7 ). Some clinical studies have also reported that Tesamorelin can lower trunk fat, waist circumference, and waist-to-hip ratio. One of the advantages of Tesamorelin is that it does not cause excessive growth hormone levels, but rather maintains them within normal ranges.

The recommended dose of Tesamorelin for weight loss purposes is 2 mg per day. However, it should not be used for more than 14 weeks at a time to avoid potential side effects.

The main side effect of Tesamorelin is that it can impair insulin sensitivity and increase the risk of diabetes if used for long periods. Therefore, it is important to stop using the peptide after completing a cycle.


Best For:

•             HIV-associated lipodystrophy

•             Enhancing fat breakdown/metabolism

•             May reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases


How do Peptides for Weight loss Work?


Peptides are short chains of amino acids that can have various effects on the body. Some peptides are designed to increase the levels of growth hormone, which is a hormone that regulates many processes, including fat metabolism. By increasing growth hormone levels, these peptides can help the body burn more fat and prevent fat accumulation.

Other peptides work by directly affecting the process of lipolysis, which is the breakdown of fat into fatty acids and glycerol. These peptides can stimulate lipolysis and inhibit lipogenesis, which is the opposite process of creating fat from excess calories. This results in a net loss of fat from the body.

Some peptides also work by influencing the hormones that control blood sugar levels, such as insulin and glucagon. These peptides can help the body use glucose more efficiently as a source of energy, and prevent glucose from being converted into fat. This also helps with weight loss.

Peptides have different mechanisms of action, but they all share a common goal: to help the body get rid of unwanted fat and achieve a healthier weight.


How to use Peptides?


Peptides are usually taken orally, which is the most convenient and simple way. However, oral peptides have low absorption and effectiveness in the body. Therefore, it is better to use injectable forms of peptides for maximum results.

There are also other ways to use peptides, such as creams, nasal sprays, and transdermal patches.

However, the injectable form requires the most care and attention. For this purpose, one needs to mix a dried version of the drug with sterile water in a vial according to the recommended dose.

It is also important to store the vial in proper conditions for future use.


Are Peptides Legal?


Most of the peptides have not been tested on human subjects in clinical trials. Therefore, in the United States, peptides are not allowed for human use by the FDA unless prescribed by a doctor. However, Semaglutide and AOD 9604, which have proven medical benefits, are approved by the FDA under prescription.

However, one can still buy peptides for research purposes.


Are Peptides Safe?


Most of the studies on peptides have been done on animal subjects and rarely on humans. However, these studies have shown that peptides are safe and effective.

Apart from some minor side effects such as headache, nausea, and abdominal discomfort, peptides are safe to use. However, make sure you follow the proper dosage guidelines to avoid any negative reactions.


FAQs on Peptides


Can peptides cause side effects?

Most of the peptides are safe for human use. However, some mild effects such as headaches, dizziness, or nausea may occur.


What peptides are used for weight loss?


For weight loss, one can use these five peptides: CJC 1295, AOD 9604, Tesamorelin, Semaglutide

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