We use precise instruments to fill and seal the vial, product comes in a lyophilized powder form.

We can assure you that you have the correct amount of product in the vial. Other suppliers use bulking agent to increase the amount of product, since they’re using different technology or for visual effect.

If the vial is in one piece and you see white specks inside it (no powder outside the vial), that only means that powder got dispersed and coated the walls (during shipping).

5mg-10mg is a miniscule amount of product (1/200 of a gram).

Just reconstitute with bacteriostatic water and swish it around, it will pick up all the particles.

If the vial is cracked or damaged or cap is not sealing properly, we will replace it immediately.

We have prepared these examples and a video demonstration of before and after (5mg of semaglutide), click here to see a video.

We are not pharmaceutical experts and are selling these products for research purposes only, not for human use.

Product comes as lyophilized powder, it has to be reconstituted first.

Once reconstituted, vial should be refrigerated (up to 2 months). For longer storage keep in a freezer (up to 2 years).

We’d be happy to provide you with some online references to help you with your own research.

You would need a pack of insulin syringes, you can get it here.

You would also need a bacteriostatic water to reconstitute, you can get it in here.

Once you get those 2, draw 1ml of water (which is 1cc) and inject into the peptide vial, swish it around picking up all the tiny particles.

After which you can draw back reconstituted solution into the syringe.

Once reconstituted, it will have to be refrigerated for up to 2 months, for longer storage use freezer (up to 2 years).

Yes, you can get them here

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