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Sterile Empty Vials 10ml (3 pcs)

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Product is topical, in powder form, needs reconstitution before use. Please read more on our FAQ page.

Empty Sterile Vials are an essential item for any laboratory, medical facility, or pharmaceutical environment. They are crafted from durable, USP Type 1 borosilicate glass, ensuring safety and longevity. These products come with self-healing injection ports and flip-off aluminum caps, ensuring the sterility of the contents. Empty Sterile Vials are available in 10 ml size and are perfect for storing and dispensing sterile solutions.



  • Products sold on our website are meant for scientific research purposes only, designed for in vitro testing and lab experimentation exclusively. These products are not intended to be used as foods, drugs or cosmetics, any sort of bodily introduction of the products into humans or animals is strictly prohibited. They must also not be misbranded, misused, or mislabeled, or used for anything other than research and scientific investigation.

  • All the products you see on the website are being sold in a lyophilized powder state (freeze-dried), in a sealed sterile vial; and should be reconstituted.

  • The product’s label clearly states the amount of product a vial contains; some products are offered in different variations.

  • The products we are selling come in a sealed vial but require additional lab equipment for proper testing. This equipment includes bacteriostatic water (for reconstitution), syringes and needles (to draw the product from the vial/apply bacteriostatic water), alcohol disinfection pads etc.

  • Though we make sure packaging, label, seals and writing does not differ from the product photos you see on our website, there is a chance for a minimal deviation.

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Laboratory Use
Safety and Quality
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The Use of Empty Sterile Vials

Empty Sterile Vials are highly versatile and extensively used in the medical and pharmaceutical domains. They are crucial in storing and transporting various biopharmaceutical materials, including vaccines and medical drugs, ensuring long-term preservation and safety during transit.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Use: Sterile vials are extensively used in medical and pharmaceutical fields for storing and transporting various bio-pharmaceutical materials such as vaccines and drugs.

Laboratory Use: Besides healthcare, these vials are also used in laboratories for storing liquids, powders, semi-solid solutions, and chemicals.

Mixing Medications: Medical practitioners often use these vials for mixing different medications, ensuring that the compositions are accurate and safe for patients.

Preservation and Purity: The glass construction of sterile vials helps to maintain the high purity and quality of the stored substances, reducing the chances of contamination.

Research: In research environments, scientists and lab technicians use sterile vials to store samples, essential for maintaining the integrity of the materials used in experiments.

Safety and Quality: Sterile vials contribute to increased safety and quality control in the pharmaceutical industry. The sterilization process ensures that the vials are free from endotoxins, thereby enhancing drug safety.

Transport of Reactive Substances: Sterile vials are used for transporting highly reactive liquid medicines, which require a sterile environment to prevent degradation.

Measurement Accuracy: Sterile vials, particularly those of specific sizes like the 10ml ones, enhance sampling measurement accuracy.

Durability: The vials are made with USP Type I glass, which ensures optimal durability and safety. They also come pre-assembled with stoppers and aluminum crimp seals to maintain sterility.

Variety in Capacity: Sterile vials come in different capacities ranging from 1 to 100mL. However, the most commonly used are 10ml vials.

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